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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Driven to Distraction...

Before I start, a message for Mike Finney of The Distractions if he should happen to read this: Mike, thanks for your post the other day and I’d absolutely love to hear the recordings you mention. If you could possibly send me an e-mail, to this address:
then I’m sure we can sort something out. I really would be thrilled to hear from you. I was listening to Nobody’s Perfect only the other afternoon.

Next, apologies for the long silence. Things have actually been very busy here on The Granite Shore with the release of the first single, which reached shops in the UK (and a few other places on import) at the beginning of June, although it’d been available from Occultation and also digitally (via Believe) for some time by then. We’ve even had a little bit of radio play, especially in Spain. At some point I’ll try and resume some of the musings on other people’s records, books etc. that have caught my ear, eye and other sundry anatomical components but for now let’s just have a quick catch-up.

We’re currently working on the follow-up to Tomorrow morning, 3 a.m. and it’ll be a very different kettle drum of fish. First of all, whereas TM3AM was always intended to be an epic, multi-layered piece, tailored to the 10” format, the next single will be... very much a 7” single. So it’ll be under 4 minutes, have a great big chorus within the first minute and, generally... well, the aim is for this to be The Granite Shore’s Big Pop Moment. How it actually turns out is another matter, of course, but early signs are good. The two songs are currently being roughed out and arranged and the plan is to go into the studio sometime this summer, the sooner the better. Then we’d hope to have the single out on Occultation by early autumn. After that we’ll obviously be working on an album for release in 2010.

Anyway, as I say, I’ll try and resume more regular posts to this site over the coming weeks. It might be interesting to document the process of making the next single in some way too... But we’ll have to see about that. Loose collectives don’t just maintain themselves, you know.

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