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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Written in granite: Tomorrow morning, continued

Sorry, I meant to report back sooner but there's been an awful lot to do of late.

The first Granite Shore single, Tomorrow morning, 3 a.m. / Workhouse is now recorded and is currently in the process of being mixed so we're still on course for a release fairly early in 2009. The single will be coming out on the Occultation label, and I'm particularly proud to announce that it will be launched upon the world in company with the first new Wild Swans single in almost 20 years, English Electric Lightning / The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years. This latter single is completed and mixed. One change to the previously published information is that Occultation are now planning to release both singles on limited edition 10" vinyl rather than 7". This seems a more desirable and grossly-underused format, allowing more to be made of the artwork, on which Ged Quinn is currently working and also giving far better sound quality, which is important for both records. There is now an Occultation website, although at the moment there's only a very simple page as work on the label's long-term strategy is still underway. We have great hopes for the label, plans are already afoot for other releases to follow the first two. There will also be a revamp of the Granite Shore website to tie in with the single. So much to do...

At present there are no plans for a CD release of either single, they'll be available on 10" vinyl and probably also as digital downloads. Word from Occultation is that, when they're ready to take pre-orders for the singles, there will be free MP3 or similar copies given to anyone who orders the vinyl versions, although anyone who wishes only to purchase the digital formats will be able to do so, of course. There isn't a definite release date yet but sometime around February seems fairly realistic and pre-ordering might begin earlier than that if things went well.

As to the single itself, well, Tomorrow morning, 3 a.m. sounds huge. That was always the aim, the song is a carefully structured narrative and is written to serve the needs of the story, so it twists and turns. We're really very pleased at the way the recording turned out, we've just got to make sure that the mix is right. Workhouse is a much gentler, more intimate piece, at least in comparison with its companion piece.

Anyway, more information will be published as it becomes available. We'll also be resuming the Written In Granite series of writings on other subjects at some point before too much longer.

The Granite Shore

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