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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Written in granite: One Small Step

It's been a while since we had any actual Granite Shore news and in the meantime we've been looking at some of the records and books (mostly) which have in some way signposted the way. Although I had hoped that 2008 would see the release of a GS album, that was always fairly optimistic; things move slowly... But they do move, eventually.

So now there is some real news. The first Granite Shore single Tomorrow morning, 3 a.m., (a 2006 demo of which can be heard on the website) is scheduled for release as a limited edition on 7" vinyl early in 2009 and it will be appearing on a new label (name to be announced soon) alongside the first single in 20 years by The Wild Swans, English Electric Lightning (click on the link for a demo of that). Both singles will be recorded in Liverpool during the first week in November. We'll be sparing no expense in terms of recording and packaging, and I hope these two singles will be the first of many releases. There are also plans for a digital release but the physical vinyl releases will be a genuinely deluxe affair – artist and original Swan Ged Quinn has volunteered to provide some artwork and the idea is to make these singles as special as we possibly can.

So this all means a sudden flurry of activity: as far as the Granite Shore single is concerned, although the 'a' side is decided upon, the aforementioned Tomorrow morning, 3 a.m., I've still got to decide what other song(s) we might attempt, how we're going to arrange them, the overall sound we want to go for, what musicians will be performing on the tracks... Or, alternatively, we might just go in and see what we come out with.

Wild Swans leader (Leda...) Paul Simpson informs me that he's planning to do not just English Electric Lightning in more or less the arrangement to be heard on the demo but also a second part to appear on the other side of the single, in a long and venerable tradition of such records split over two sides of one piece of vinyl, including the likes of Television's Little Johnny Jewel, James Brown's Papa's Got A Brand New Bag and the Isley Brothers' Shout and, if memory serves, the Four Tops' version of Macarthur Park. It's a great idea and the lyric (which we took a look at back in a July Written In Granite piece) certainly should lend itself to stretching out further, I thought at the time there was a lot more mileage in it. Anyway, for news of the Wild Swans single I suggest you keep an eye on the band's and Paul's MySpace pages).

Anyway, there'll be more news to come over the next few weeks, I expect. The Granite Shore website will also be undergoing an overhaul and there'll be a new site for the label... So much to do, so little time as we go hurtling past... One small step at a time...



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